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It is necessary for the proper development of the red blood cells and nervous tissues.

A lack of Vitamin B12, because of degeneration of these special cells of the stomach, which produce the intrinsic factor, is the cause of pernicious anaemia.

This disease, called pernicious when it was first discovered because the anaemia does not respond to the intake of iron, is treated by giving Â12 by injection.

As a final summary, let me say that vitamins are essential to good health.

A normal balanced diet contains all these essential food factors. And therefore, the taking of extra vitamins does no good whatever.

However, in certain disease states where there is a poor absorption of foodstuffs, or where an inadequate intake occurs, such as with the poor, the elderly, the unprivileged, the artificially fed infant or the food faddists, supplements of vitamins may be necessary.

For the rest of us they are not of much use. They will not necessarily do what you expect them to do.

But if you avoid taking an excessive quantity of them, you probably will do yourself no harm.

I suppose that if you believe that something will do you good, then it just might be of benefit.


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